St. Patrick's Day Activities

It’s March. Trees are growing their leaves back, flowers are starting to poke out from the ground, and the wind no longer whips the breath out of your lungs as you walk from your trailer to the main school building. The most important part of March, though, is not making sure all your IEPs are finished, but making sure your St. Patrick’s Day activities are fresh and ready to go for therapy.

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Winter Activities and Holiday Fun

As winter approaches and the cold weather limits our activities we need to be creative and come up with some indoor activities. Don’t let the cold weather keep you from having fun with your classrooms! There are plenty of fun, festive activities your students will love. Here are a few of my favorites you can use with multiple age and skill levels!

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An Inclusive Halloween

Halloween is one of the most universally celebrated holidays in the United States today. Each year, children pour over costume ideas, dream about the treats they'll collect and enjoy fun, fall-themed activities at school and at businesses and organizations throughout the area. But Halloween isn't easy for every child. Children with food allergies and feeding issues struggle with treats they cannot enjoy. Children with anxiety battle fears and worries connected with sometimes too-spooky events. Children with social skills or communication issues may not have the ability to say "trick-or-treat!" or "thank you." Still others may struggle with finding a costume that fits with a wheelchair or mobility device.

This resource guide offers tips and additional information to help our families and the surrounding communities create a more inclusive Halloween.


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Fourth of July Speech and Language Activities

By now your students are halfway through the summer, enjoying their freedom with pool parties, popsicles, and sunshine. With less than a month left before school begins again, it’s important to continue providing natural learning opportunities to incorporate language skills and growth. July 4th is, in my opinion, one of the best national holidays and just so happens to be a great day to focus on a variety of language skills. Traditional Fourth of July activities includes a ton of interactive activities such as BBQ parties, fireworks, parades, and picnics. Below are some ideas to incorporate articulation, receptive, and expressive language skills for a variety of age groups:

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Summer Activities for Speech and Language Development

Many of our speech and language students are as ready to shift into summer gear as we are. They’ve worked hard during the school year: Abided by a structured routine, woken up early, rushed out the door, and actively engaged in mental activities for seven hours out of the day. It’s time for them to relax and reap the benefits of the hot summer sun, later alarm clocks, and spontaneous play. Unfortunately, the end of the school year also means the end of specialized services for many of our students that have speech and language delays. Continuity and follow-through are important, especially with the facilitation of these skills. Below are some ideas and activities to send with your students on the last day of school:

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SSG Celebrates in Service - Earth Day

This and every April 22, many of us will recognize Earth Day without really understanding the reason. There are lots of wonderful things to celebrate about the Earth: the fact that it gives life to us and every creature familiar to us, for starters. But why exactly celebrate Earth Day?

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St. Patrick’s Day Activities

St. Patrick’s Day is the holiday that makes me feel super lucky because it comes right in between winter break and spring break and planning for it feels effortless. Disagree? See below how you can make this holiday fun, engaging, and super simple!

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Valentine’s Day Therapy Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m the speech therapist that always wants to go big for the holidays. Holidays are a great time to continue working on your students’ goals whether it’s learning seasonal vocabulary, direction following to make cute crafts, or reading themed stories to focus on grammar, comprehension, and retelling skills. Valentine’s Day is especially fun because it’s all about friendship, kindness, and love! Below you will find some therapy ideas that will work for your whole caseload.

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Holiday Gifts That Give Back!

It’s no secret that the holidays are upon us and it all starts with the three-month stretch beginning in October. It’s a time of reflection that comes at the close of a year; the way we huddle a little more with our families, gather our friends around tables to toast and celebrate memories. And if you have stepped into any store lately, you’ve seen that retailers are already in full-on holiday mode. Trees are twinkling and the Christmas music has been cued and piped through the speakers.  Depending on your personality, you either feel excited for the shopping season ahead or anxious as you wind your way through the decked halls.

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Thanksgiving Activities for the Classroom

It’s almost the most fulfilling holiday of the year, which means giving thanks for all we have and also to everyone we are thankful for. For many teachers, this time of the year means report cards, teacher conferences, some training, and other possible professional responsibilities…but it also means some time off after all that is conquered!

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