Preschool Push-In Speech/Language Services

In light of new research and emphasis on Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), a lot of SPED departments are wanting to move towards a push-in model of services for speech and language, particularly for preschool students. This is how I provide push-in services to my Preschool students in Special Day Classes and how it can be adapted to fit general ed preschools as well.

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Whether you evaluate preschoolers incoming from early intervention programs as a surprise emergency substitute or you do them every day, there are certain considerations that you may not have thought of for the EI to school transition. I’ve performed incoming preschool evaluations for 4 school corporations (from rural to inner city and in between) and each one has done things differently. I’ve also served as an early intervention therapist in peoples’ homes (again, rural to intercity and in between!). So while some of these may seem like “no brainers” for some folks (like me!) new realizations are popping up daily.

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Evaluating the Bilingual Student

The United States has experienced a significant increase in the number of students with cultural, linguistic, and diverse backgrounds in recent years. There are over 400 different languages recorded for these students. They bring with them new challenges for educators, many who are lacking knowledge or training on how to address the needs of these students. As a result, many of these children are referred to special education services. Without extensive knowledge of acculturation and language factors, educators rely on bilingual assessment specialists to intervene on their behalf.

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