One of the best APPs for Social/Pragmatic Language

When you talk to someone, are you aware of their facial expression? Do you pay attention to their body language and/or try to empathize with the person to understand his or her perspective? Unfortunately, school age students and adults with autism spectrum disorder have difficulty understanding the subtle expressions and slang that we normally take for granted. For example, perspective taking calls on many of the executive functions of the brain. It requires control of our own thoughts and feeling in order to consider the perspective of others, cognitive flexibility to see a situation in different ways and the ability to consider someone else’s thinking in conjunction with our own. That’s a lot to do at once and can be challenging to make a fun activity to get students interested in learning how to take a person’s perspective. Social/pragmatic language skills may be challenging to teach and yet more children are experiencing difficulty learning and carrying over these skills into day to day life.

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IPad Apps For Speech And Language Therapy

Whether you love technology or hate it, I think we can all agree that it’s here to stay and will play a major role in the workforce and economy for decades to come. Therefore, it’s important that we start introducing it to our students as soon as we can. Providing exposure to technology, as well as helping to foster emerging tech skills, will help our students develop the tools necessary to navigate everyday tasks in the home, school, and work environments. Lucky for us, there are a ton of speech and language therapy apps that can help facilitate these skills, as well as make therapy engaging and fun. Below are some ideas for various levels:

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