National School Backpack Awareness

Does your child or students complain about the weight of their backpacks? Did you know it is important for students and children to wear their backpacks correctly?

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6 Classroom Tips to Deal with Separation Anxiety in Children with Special Needs

Child care drop off can be difficult for children and their parents, but it may also create a challenge for child care teachers.  As the teacher, it is your responsibility to make sure every child you are caring for feels safe and comfortable in the classroom. This can be difficult when dealing with a child who is experiencing separation anxiety. If you work together with the child’s parents, however, you can quickly establish a secure routine for drop off that works for everyone.

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Back to School Activities

It’s that time of the year! Summer is coming to an end and the new school year will be here before we know it. As we enjoy our final days of summer break, we also need to start thinking about our students and fun, creative ways to kick off the school year. What follows is a list of various icebreakers, activities, and games to get your students acclimated and excited to start the school year. Enjoy!

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Practical Tips for Preparing for Next School Year (Now)

As therapists, we know preparation is king. Summer is around the corner, but before we go, we always want to wrap up the loose ends so we can rest easy during the break and make the transition back in the Fall is as easy as possible.

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New to school? - Tips for your first day as a SLP

We all have some memories of our first day at school as a student, but do we remember our first day and the first assignment as a SLP at a new school?

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Tips for back to school

Along with new smiling faces, a new school year brings our special education teams new co-teaching arrangements, new assessments to give, and more. In order to help you be as effective as you can with your new students, we’ve put together a list of back-to-school tips that we hope will make managing your caseload a little easier.

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