Read Aloud Revival

Everything old is new again, including the trend of reading aloud to children. Teachers have continued this practice in early primary grades, and, as my own mother did for her last 10 or more years of teaching, struggle to keep the practice up in upper elementary classrooms. Over the past six months or so, I have heard buzzing about the importance of read-aloud and I was interested to hear more about what is going on. First, stop to get a pulse on this reading-aloud-like-it’s-new trend was Pinterest. Wow! What do you want to know? Pinterest, like always, has the latest and greatest. I knew when I saw the endless list of grade/age level books, how to’s, and read aloud strategies pinned for teachers, and parents, this is a legit revival! As a person who has fond memories of being read to and reading to children, this is a spark of happiness to see the interest in reading to children again at school and at home. Why is this so important? And why the interest in the topic? Years of research that often seemed to be shelved in favor of other techno-practices is still valid and has a fountain of positive benefits for the listener and the reader. Several of these reasons are evident in assessment data, such as listening comprehension, phonics, oral expression, vocabulary, as well as attention span measures. Here are my top reasons to celebrate and practice read aloud again:

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