Back to School Activities

It’s that time of the year! Summer is coming to an end and the new school year will be here before we know it. As we enjoy our final days of summer break, we also need to start thinking about our students and fun, creative ways to kick off the school year. What follows is a list of various icebreakers, activities, and games to get your students acclimated and excited to start the school year. Enjoy!

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Can We Start Again Please? - Reasons to Set Goals for Next School Year Now

You’ve made it to the end of the school year.  You can finally reap the rewards of working in a school and cash in that summer freedom.  Time to pack up, check out, and go, right?  WRONG!  Didn’t you read the title of this blog post?  Before you take a summer-long breather, I challenge you to delay your exit by 10 minutes (maximum 30 minutes) and set 3-5 goals for next school year.  Here’s why I think now is the time:

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Earth Day Activities

As April rings in the end of the school year and the days start to get warmer, we have the opportunity to incorporate all things green and growing into our therapy units.  This year Earth Day falls on Monday, April 22 and makes for the perfect kick-off to a week of sessions focusing on how to keep our amazing planet a beautiful place to live. Use these activities to start planning a “green week” for your students!

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Thanksgiving Activities for the Classroom

It’s almost the most fulfilling holiday of the year, which means giving thanks for all we have and also to everyone we are thankful for. For many teachers, this time of the year means report cards, teacher conferences, some training, and other possible professional responsibilities…but it also means some time off after all that is conquered!

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Selective Mutism: Rapport Building in the Classroom

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, you might be the first person to raise a red flag when the teacher mentions a student that has not uttered a single word the first month of school. A psychologist or psychiatrist will be the specialist to complete a battery of assessments to confirm the diagnoses, but then what should we do? How can you advocate for this child as they navigate the school environment with this debilitating diagnosis?

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Fall Classroom Activities: Motor Edition

Fall is my favorite time of year - the weather starts to cool off, the leaves begin to change colors, and October is National Physical Therapy Month!  So for this month’s activities for the classroom, we are going to talk about simple motor activities to help students and teachers take a moving break!

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6 Classroom Tips To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Children With Special Needs

School drop off can be difficult for children and their parents, but it may also create a challenge for child care teachers. As the teacher, it is your responsibility to make sure every child you are caring for feels safe and comfortable in the classroom. This can be difficult when dealing with a child who is experiencing separation anxiety. If you work together with the child’s parents, however, you can quickly establish a secure routine for drop off that works for everyone.

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Speech and Language: May Activities

It’s May and the end is in sight. The temperatures are growing hotter and you can feel summer’s presence right around the corner. The kids are antsy and you are frantically trying to close out the school year smoothly while keeping it together. This can sometimes be the best time of the year, and the worst. It’s important to remember to maintain a positive focus on the students and help them transition into the summer carrying all of the wonderful skills you have taught them over the school year. Below is a list of some fun and interactive activities that will help keep everyone motivated and engaged:

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Earth Day And You

Earth Day is one of the holidays that can be easily overlooked, especially in special education. So consider, what does Earth Day mean to you?  Is this just another day for you or do you focus on sharing the importance of our planet to your children and/or students?

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Spacey Speech Activity

3-2-1 Blastoff!

Space is such an exciting topic where a lot of information, language, and vocabulary is used. I am here to give you a description of my session to save you some brainpower when planning! My space lesson covered space vocabulary, adjectives, prepositions, and WH questions.

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