Camping Unit

There’s no better way to celebrate the cold weather than going camping! It’s also the perfect time to gaze at nature, eat fun food, and participate in all sorts of activities. Here are some fun activities to add to your Camping Unit: 

“A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee” By Chris Van Dusen

Start with a book. “A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee” By Chris Van Dusen is a great book to explore all things camping. From vibrant and vivid illustrations to rhyming words, this book is full of adventure and giggles.

Purchase the book or have it read aloud: 





1. Build background knowledge! Fill out a diagram as a group. Talk about some of the things we might see, places we would go, foods we would eat on a camping trip. You can also pack for camping! Predict items the group will need for a successful camping trip. 

2. A No-Print WH-Questions Activity:

Distance Learning/Digital Platform:


3. Tap into literacy and make real-life connections with this writing prompt:


4. Check for understanding with these picture-supported WH-question worksheets.


5. Camping & Buggy Bingo 

Bingo is a great way to practice camp or bug-themed vocabulary words! Practice describing items based on function (e.g., what is it used for?), attributes, associations, and wh-questions (e.g., where do you find it?) 


6. Camping Craft

Print Template:


I hope you found some ideas you like & that your kiddos have fun!


Author: Angela Park, M.A., CF-SLP 

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