National School Backpack Awareness

Does your child or students complain about the weight of their backpacks? Did you know it is important for students and children to wear their backpacks correctly?

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Stuttering Awareness

What does Ed Sheeran, the famous British singer and songwriter; Marilyn Monroe, famous American icon; and Emily Blunt, multiple award winner actress have in common? Yes, you guessed right, they are celebrities. However, they have something else in common. These three celebrities are people who stutter. Yes, Ed Sheeran, even with his powerful voice and strong lyrics, stutters. But, what it means to stutter?

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National School Backpack Awareness Day: September 26, 2018

What is National School Backpack Awareness Day you ask? Who is involved? The American Occupational Therapy Association’s National School Backpack Awareness Day is when multiple resources (Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Teachers, etc.) across the county help others to “Live Life To Its Fullest” by avoiding the pain or injury that comes with carrying heavy backpack or bags of any kind. Students are taught multiple safety tips and different ways they can be protected from getting an injury, and to protect their back. With around 55% of students carrying backpacks that are much heavier than what they’re supposed to, this results in injuries. Backpack-related injuries send approximately 5,000 students a year to emergency rooms, which can progress throughout school year into adulthood.

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