Virtual/Teletherapy Tips

Michael, for the hundredth time, keep that microphone and camera on!!!

How many times this year have we had to say this to our students, or variations of this comment? Umpteen times! I know I have. But before I get into the trials, tribulations and successes of teletherapy, lets flashback a little.

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2020 Reflections

2020 will go down in history as unprecedented. It was a year best described as a never-ending roller coaster that even the most spontaneous thrill seeker would beg to stop and get off once and for all.

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STEM, Preliteracy, and Preschool: Ideas to Get You Started

I work as an SLP in a developmental preschool setting. My office is just down the hall from our district’s “Project Lead the Way” (STEM) administrator and I have been adding some mini STEM experiences as companion activities to my weekly book units. These activities could grow easily to suit early elementary learning. I hope they stretch you to think STEM in the little things. It’s literally all around us!

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Mental Wellness Month 2021

Stress during these unknown times can be overwhelming. It is normal to feel a whirlwind of emotions, but it’s important to understand how we can manage them.

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Navigating Broken Routines During the Holidays

If you are the parent of a child with ASD, you know the importance of routines.

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Group Based Winter Fun - Activities for Students and Families

For those of us working in the schools, we have about a two-week break where we won’t see our students. That is a very long time to go without any speech and language therapy!

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Alternative Activities for Students Who Don’t Celebrate Holidays

Tis the season to be...culturally sensitive.  Holidays are fun, exciting and great themes for therapy; unless of course, you have students don’t celebrate holidays.

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Parent Outreach: Ways to Engage Wherever They Are

There are a lot of ways we can connect, not every family has the ability to or wants to connect in all formats, but having a wide range of options available in a way that is as efficient as possible for you (teacher, therapist, any other provider of a service) is getting pretty essential.

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Winter Activities to Enhance Whole-Group Lessons

Winter is fast approaching, and there are great activities you can do to bring the winter wonder into your speech therapy plans.

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Winter Books in Speech Therapy

Cue the smell of hot chocolate, burning wood, and apple pie. Winter is coming! And with the start of a new season comes the start of a whole new onslaught of books and therapy materials.

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