AAC Incorporation Throughout Thanksgiving

Incorporating AAC is important because we want our students or clients to be able to express themselves across a variety of contexts.

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Service Model Change Preparedness

For me, one of the trickiest pieces of the year to navigate (so far!) is the uncertainty.

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Inclusive Halloween

For many of our students, Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year. A time where children get to choose a character they’ve looked up to, dream about all of the candy they will collect, and engage in many of the fall-themed activities.

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Using Fall-Themed Books to Enhance Speech Therapy

Pumpkins, old ladies, and turkeys, oh my! Fall is full of fun activities for you to bring into your speech therapy room. I love to put away my games and card decks and pull out a seasonal book. I’ve found that using books can be just as engaging to my students and books are great for mixed therapy groups. Hint: if you don’t own a copy of the book you want to use, you can almost always find a read aloud on YouTube or borrow it from your local or school library.

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The Stepping Stones Group Acquires Ardor School Solutions, the School Division of Ardor Health Solutions

October 15, 2020

BOSTON, MA - The Stepping Stones Group (Stepping Stones), a leading national provider of therapeutic, behavioral health, and autism services to children in educational and community settings, announced the acquisition of Ardor School Solutions, the school division of Ardor Health Solutions. 

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Vision Skills in School Occupational Therapy

Have you ever tried doing even a familiar task with your eyes closed? What about trying to find something cluttered in a drawer when you are in a hurry? Vision impacts everything that we do in our daily lives!

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Physical Therapy Day of Service

What is Physical Therapy (PT)?

Physical Therapy is a type of care that is provided by a licensed individual who improves movement, flexibility, relieves pain, prevents recovery from injuries and disabilities, and many more functions to help your body move better and prevent further injury.

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Maintaining a Positive Mindset During this Challenging Time

COVID-19 has been a time of uncertainty and negativity within all of our worlds. It has caused many unforeseen circumstances and has forced education and medical professionals to go into worlds of unknown.

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Calming Down Techniques for Children

Whether in school or virtual learning, we all need to take the time to calm down and learn strategies that cater to us. Going back to school is always exciting, but for some students it can be frustrating, and a new experience.

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Labor Day: Speech and Language Activities

Whether or not you consider Labor Day to be the first three day weekend of the school year, the official end of summer, or an excuse for a BBQ, Labor Day is a national holiday that was created to celebrate the workforce of America.

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