Parent Outreach: Ways to Engage Wherever They Are

There are a lot of ways we can connect, not every family has the ability to or wants to connect in all formats, but having a wide range of options available in a way that is as efficient as possible for you (teacher, therapist, any other provider of a service) is getting pretty essential.

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Back to School Tips for parents

The anticipation of a new school year can induce many feelings for both parents, and their kids. These feelings may stem from a list of uncertainties about what the upcoming year may look like. To relieve some stress and anxiety for you and your child, check off these simple tips to make the transition back to school as seamless as possible. 

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Being a Mother and a Therapist

Does my training as a therapist or School Psychologist make me a better parent? I feel that I might be more educated on child and adolescent development and have read many more parenting and self-help books then the average parent. I feel that I really have a lot of tools in my toolbox, and can deal with any situation that can arise when at work, but when at home it is a different story, especially when dealing with my own children. For my own children, I have to be their mother – I am the one who tucks them in at night with a kiss, the one who cares for them when they’re sick, and the one who loves them on a daily basis when they need my love. I wear two hats, mother and therapist, separate, but informing each other. 

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