Stay Safe and Spooky: Halloween Safety Tips for a Frighteningly Fun Night!

It’s “Spooky Season” — one of my favorite times of the year! 

During this time of the year, kids are choosing their costumes, planning their Trick-or-Treating groups, and participating in lots of Halloween festivities! Parents are buying candy and decorations and may even be prepping for Halloween parties! Halloween is a fun holiday for both children and adults, so during the midst of all the fun, it’s important to remember basic safety. Here are a few tips to help keep everyone safe! 

Never Go Alone 

Whether it be Trick-or-Treating, a Halloween party, or any other festivities, always buddy up with a friend and make sure Trick-or-Treaters are accompanied by a responsible adult! There is safety in numbers, so make sure you and your buddy always keep track of each other as the night progresses. 

Stay in Well-lit Areas  

Dark and hidden areas may provide an opportunity for unsafe situations. It’s best to stay in areas where others can see you, and you can see what and who is in your environment. Avoid Trick-or-Treating at houses with no porch lights, and make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times.  

Bring Glow Sticks 

Not only are glow sticks fun and can spruce up a party, but they also help you to find one another in dim areas and can give a bit more extra lighting. However, remember to be careful with the glow sticks as well. You wouldn’t want them exploding all over you and your costume! 


Try Before You Buy  

When picking out a costume, make sure to try it on before buying or going out in it. Costumes should be comfortable and functional. You don’t want anything to put a damper on the fun, especially something as simple as a costume. This is especially important for anyone with sensory difficulties. You also want to make sure that children are able to get in and out of the costume on their own without any struggle or difficulties. Children sometimes wear their costumes to school and are going to be using the restroom alone without any help. 


Check For Allergies 

When prepping candy bags for your child’s friends at school, try to check if any students have any food allergies. You can do this by asking the teacher or checking with parents. Another way to keep everyone safe is to label the bags if they contain common food allergens like nuts, dairy, or eggs. It’s also important to inform the teacher of potentially harmful ingredients before the candy enters the classroom. This is also important for school personnel who may want to have a candy bowl out for students or pass out candy. 


Wear a Face Mask   

Lastly, you may want to consider wearing a face mask to keep yourself and others safe from any viruses or illnesses. If you are not feeling well or are experiencing any symptoms of illness, it might be a good idea to stay home. You can bake some cookies and watch a few of your favorite Halloween movies! 

By following these tips, you and everyone else can have a safe and fun Halloween!  

Author: Janaédra Robinson, SSP, LSSP, NCSP 

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