Ways to Improve Communication with General Education Teachers

The Importance of Strong Communication and Relationships in a School Setting

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Staying in the Loop

As speech-language pathologists, we oftentimes find that we can be overlooked during the RTI process, IEPs, and as an overall resource for general and special education teachers. This can result in frustration and a lack of overall efficiency. It’s important that we remain known and included so that students can receive the best and most appropriate services possible and as efficiently as we can. Below are some tips for remaining in the loop:

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AAC: Infusing Core Vocabulary Across Settings

“Choose your words wisely” is an expression often said as a reminder of the great power, influence, and impact our words hold. The specific words we choose to express our thoughts, ideas, opinions, personalities and have the ability to shape and alter our surroundings. In the context of Alternative and Augmented Communication (AAC), “choose your words wisely” takes on a whole new level of importance as individuals who use AAC are often limited by a finite amount of words to express an infinite amount of thoughts, emotions, and opinions.

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School Psychologist Month

Collaboration with colleagues within any work environment is important, but it is especially important within the school workplace where students’ academic success is dependent upon the effectiveness of our teamwork. Though there are plenty of individuals we must work with on a regular basis, one of our most important collaborations is with that of the school psychologist. They are an endless resource of information when it comes to diagnoses, implementation of RTI, and even therapy strategies.

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The Stepping Stones Group Celebrates in Service - Veterans Day

Veterans Day - November 11, 2018

More than four million Americans saw battle in World War I, and more than three hundred thousand lost their lives. We observe Veterans Day each year on November 11, the date that marks the anniversary of the end of WWI, when an armistice was signed between the Allies and Germany on November 11, 1918. You can honor the brave men and women who have and continue to selflessly serve our country to protect our freedoms through various activities, both long and short-term.

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Thanksgiving Activities for the Classroom

It’s almost the most fulfilling holiday of the year, which means giving thanks for all we have and also to everyone we are thankful for. For many teachers, this time of the year means report cards, teacher conferences, some training, and other possible professional responsibilities…but it also means some time off after all that is conquered!

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