Thanksgiving Activities for the Classroom

It’s almost the most fulfilling holiday of the year, which means giving thanks for all we have and also to everyone we are thankful for. For many teachers, this time of the year means report cards, teacher conferences, some training, and other possible professional responsibilities…but it also means some time off after all that is conquered!

One thing is for sure, around this time everyone gets some ants in their pants, and we all have a hard time sitting still. There are many activities out there for students and teachers to incorporate in their classroom before a nice break. One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving has able been arts and crafts, and of course the delicious food (mainly the dessert). No-Bake Pumpkin Cookies were always a favorite, and I still make them to this day when counseling with students, and also at home with my children (just always be conscious of food allergies). This can be made heated up as no-bake cookies, or as a trail mix, and either way, it’s quite delicious, and a learning experience (common core math involved too!).

Another fun project that can be done is the thankful turkey. For this, you will need some cut-out feathers and a turkey body. On each of the feathers students write out one thing or one person they are thankful for, the students can then take their art projects home or can be placed in the classroom for display…either way it can be a very thoughtful project.

Both of these ideas involve areas of the curriculum: mathematics, art, written expression, and many more. Why not take the time to give everyone a break for a little to enjoy some holiday fun. You could even put on some music and make it even more enjoyable. Happy Holidays!

Author: Elizabeth Vosseler, School Psychologist M.A. PPS, Mental Health Certificate

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