Ways to improve communication with co-teachers

When I first started the Teaching Fellows program five years ago, I was nervous about my first day in the classroom, as many educators are. I knew what kind of teacher I wanted to be, but I was not sure what to expect when school started. A asked a good friend of mine, who had been working as a teacher’s aid for several years, for advice. She told me, “It’s not the kids you have to worry about - it’s the adults.” At first, I didn’t believe her, but I and the 100+ other Fellows in the program soon found out she was correct.

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Ways to Improve Communication with General Education Teachers

The Importance of Strong Communication and Relationships in a School Setting

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Staying in the Loop

As speech-language pathologists, we oftentimes find that we can be overlooked during the RTI process, IEPs, and as an overall resource for general and special education teachers. This can result in frustration and a lack of overall efficiency. It’s important that we remain known and included so that students can receive the best and most appropriate services possible and as efficiently as we can. Below are some tips for remaining in the loop:

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