SSG Celebrates in Service - Earth Day

This and every April 22, many of us will recognize Earth Day without really understanding the reason. There are lots of wonderful things to celebrate about the Earth: the fact that it gives life to us and every creature familiar to us, for starters. But why exactly celebrate Earth Day?

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Earth Day Activities

As April rings in the end of the school year and the days start to get warmer, we have the opportunity to incorporate all things green and growing into our therapy units.  This year Earth Day falls on Monday, April 22 and makes for the perfect kick-off to a week of sessions focusing on how to keep our amazing planet a beautiful place to live. Use these activities to start planning a “green week” for your students!

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Autism Awareness Month - Tips for whole team collaboration to treating the whole child

The number of students with autism on our caseloads is rising. It can be difficult to manage all of the different students that present in many different ways with different needs. This is why a whole team approach is critical in treating children with autism. For anyone who regularly treats children with autism we have all had those cases where we feel stuck. We feel like we are not making adequate progress and feel frustrated. Being in regular communication with all members of the IEP team can help us from this feeling of getting stuck and can also help us to a faster solution and faster carryover to all settings.

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