Fluency Strategies: A Cheat Sheet to Treatment

Stuttering can be a challenging disorder for many therapists to treat. Many speech-language pathologists have never taken a specific course in stuttering and lack confidence in their treatment skills in this area. Current evidence suggests the best methods for addressing stuttering is by using a combined approach including cognitive behavioral therapy, fluency shaping, and fluency modification techniques. It’s no wonder many clinicians find this intimidating! To simplify what that means, here’s the basic breakdown of each:

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The Stepping Stones Group Celebrates in Service - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?”  ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Every third Monday in January the accomplishments of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. are honored. Congress appointed this date in 1994 to be one of service for Americans to help bridge barriers and give back in service to their respective communities.

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Ways to improve communication with co-teachers

When I first started the Teaching Fellows program five years ago, I was nervous about my first day in the classroom, as many educators are. I knew what kind of teacher I wanted to be, but I was not sure what to expect when school started. A asked a good friend of mine, who had been working as a teacher’s aid for several years, for advice. She told me, “It’s not the kids you have to worry about - it’s the adults.” At first, I didn’t believe her, but I and the 100+ other Fellows in the program soon found out she was correct.

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Using Google Survey for IEPs

How to efficiently collect data for present levels of performance

There are many things we must juggle as special educators - several students on our caseloads, differentiating instruction, modifying classroom materials, and of course, writing IEPs. One of the most time consuming - and at times difficult - parts of writing the IEP is obtaining notes from general education teachers for the Present Levels of Performance.

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Mental Wellness Month

January is Mental Wellness month. In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, January is a great time to evaluate stress in your life and take action to promote a healthy mental state. This can be especially important for those of us working in a school setting. The Mayo Clinic considers those working in a “helping profession,” such as therapists, counselors, school psychologists, or teachers, to be at a higher risk for job burnout, which can include anxiety, depression, and overall elevated stress. Luckily, the effects of job burnout can be reduced or avoided. Following healthy habits to promote mental health leads to a more enriching life, both at work and at home!

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