Practical Tips for Therapists and Teachers to ‘Sleigh’ the Break! 

Feeling stuffed? After (multiple) Thanksgiving meals and the return to the arctic blast of reality this week, I am ready for winter break. 

But before we dash away, let's “Jingle Bell Rock” through some prep tips that'll keep you merry into the New Year and beyond!  

List It Twice – Just Like Santa!   
In all honesty, the holiday season can be as chaotic as kinetic sand in a therapy session gone rogue. So, let's make the list, check it twice, and maybe laminate it for good measure. Whether you've got tasks to complete or items to remember for the first day back, having a list means you won't leave your lesson plans roasting like chestnuts on an open fire.  

Deck the Halls with Boundaries.  
Set up your out-of-office replies with the same gusto you use when blowing bubbles in speech therapy. Make it clear that while you’re on break, you’re off the clock. Something like, "I'm currently away making snow angels and sipping spiked cocoa — I'll get back to you once the ball drops.” 


Wrap Up Like a Gift.  
Before you rock around the Christmas tree, wrap up loose ends. Communicate with parents and caregivers, finalize reports, and leave nothing on your desk that may mentally remerge just as you're about to dig into your warm holiday pie. 

Prep Your Space for the Great Escape.

Tidy up your workspace. A clutter-free environment will make for a serene return. Think of it as a gift to your future self, wrapped in a pretty bow of glittery organization. 

Automate Your New Year's Greetings.  
Schedule a cheerful email blast for the first day back. It’ll spread cheer and give you one less thing to worry about. Plus, who doesn't love a digital bombardment of well-wishes? 

Savor the Moments.   
Take time to reflect on the year's victories, no matter how small. Did you move from word level to phrase level with Deborah? Did you not lose your marbles during craft time? Cheers to you!  

So, dear holiday warriors, whether you spend your break feasting on figgy pudding or binge-watching your favorite series, take these tips to heart. Embrace the joy, the rest, and the not-setting-an-alarm-clock bliss. Here's to a break filled with as much laughter.  See you in the new year, fresh and ready to tackle the ABCs and 123s once again! 


Author: Michelyve Petit, CCC-SLP 

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