Physical Therapy Day of Service

What is Physical Therapy (PT)?

Physical Therapy is a type of care that is provided by a licensed individual who improves movement, flexibility, relieves pain, prevents recovery from injuries and disabilities, and many more functions to help your body move better and prevent further injury. Data from these treatments are used to track progress and form goals for use during time spent with a licensed Physical Therapist.

Types of Therapies

  • Pediatric - helps to the building up of a child’s strength in muscles/skeletal systems
  • Geriatric - helps older patients with weakened muscle, posture, and gait, and decrease likelihood of future injuries
  • Orthopedic - helps to regain muscle strength from previous injuries
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary - helps increase endurance of key muscles
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation - focuses on problems associated with the inner ear
  • Neurological - helps treat injuries or issues with the brain

Ways to be involved

Look up your local PT organization and become involved by volunteering with community acts of service such as cleaning a park, donate to the Homeless Shelter, or create care packages for essential items. You can also help physical therapists by spreading the word of physical therapy organizations and services in your area. Further acts of service include serving families in your personal life that may need a little help such as Big Brother Big Sister and Habitat for Humanity.


Don’t forget about yourself

With all of your acts of service, don’t forget about yourself! Visit a local petting zoo or animal shelter. Therapy for yourself can be as simple as being around animals or enjoying a nice meal. Take up activities such as swimming or hiking to get your muscles moving! But don’t forget to stretch and relax your muscles at the end of the day!


Author: Cienna Taylor, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, MS

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