Themed Therapy: All About Sharks

Do you like engaging speech and language sessions and feeling organized? That’s what themed therapy does for me! Below are ideas to create a shark theme in your session - remember to adapt and review these activities for appropriateness to target specific needs and goals of each student.  


I like to begin by asking, what do you know about sharks? What do you want to learn? Teaching, reviewing and practicing vocabulary related to sharks, such as "fin," "gills," "teeth," "ocean," and "predator."

Articulation Practice

A shark theme is great for targeting /sh, r, k/ !


Engage in discussions about the story, characters, and main ideas. Ask comprehension questions to promote understanding and critical thinking.

Descriptive Language

Have students describe different types of sharks using adjectives and descriptive language. For example, "The great white shark is enormous and powerful, with razor-sharp teeth." Encourage students to be specific and use vivid vocabulary.

Rhyming and Phonological Awareness

Practice rhyming words related to sharks. Create word families with shark-related words, such as "shark, dark, park" or "fin, spin, grin." Encourage students to generate their own rhyming words and create short rhymes or poems.

Extension Ideas

Enjoy a shark-tastic session!


Author: Emma Petrucci M.S., CCC-SLP

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