The SLP in ME

As Speech-Language Pathologists, we wear many hats

Not fiction but facts

Our skillset is not just a knack

Pragmatics guiding our tact

It’s the SLP in me

Frankly speaking, you see

Bubbly personalities as can be

We are some dynamic SLPs

Is it Speech-Language Pathologist or

Social Life Professional?

One of many names

Just in case you were skeptical


We chatter and smile

Folders ready to file

To-do list exceeding its pile

You know that parent on speed dial?


We SLPs just love to please

Toting around more than just our CCCs

Nicknamed Speechies

Wagon full of materials and IEP’s


Expressive language, receptive language

Articulation, social skills

Oral motor, apraxia, fluency

Commonly used terms in our speech field


Dysphagia, AAC

And let’s not forget voice

Becoming a part of the Speak Louder Please choir

As we drown out the noise



GFTA so many tests

Let's not forget SSI, TOAL,

Peabody and the PLS


Soap note, data collection, progress monitoring

Present as one in the same

Hoping one day the universe will send waves

That “Speech Teacher” isn’t our name


We stand firm in schools,

Follow all the rules

Alarm rarely on snooze

We constantly have work to do


Can we be the Simple Loyal Perfectionist? or

The Systematic Logical Passionate therapist?


Are we always the SLP?

The one Solving Life’s Problems

Starting with one issue at a time

As we continue to solve them


We walk into a room and command attention

Trying to get CEUs at the ASHA convention

Where the who’s who are all mentioned

The board makes future decisions

A new president soon will take the position


We choose to be pioneers on that communication train

No Child Left Behind is the name of the game

Awaiting Better Hearing and Speech Month

A true therapist’s walk of fame


So it’s the SLP in me

Spoken ever so plainly

Communication gurus you see

We are the real MVPs


Author: Je’Mia Jones, MS, CCC-SLP

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