Fluency Strategies: A Cheat Sheet to Treatment

Stuttering can be a challenging disorder for many therapists to treat. Many speech-language pathologists have never taken a specific course in stuttering and lack confidence in their treatment skills in this area. Current evidence suggests the best methods for addressing stuttering is by using a combined approach including cognitive behavioral therapy, fluency shaping, and fluency modification techniques. It’s no wonder many clinicians find this intimidating! To simplify what that means, here’s the basic breakdown of each:

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Helping Our Teachers Understand

If you have been doing this for a while, I am sure you have felt like everything gets dumped at your doorstep with little or no understanding to what it is we do.   Most days I am met in the hallway being asked by a teacher to listen to a child with articulation errors and the teachers cannot understand the student.  Speech kid. Easy, right?  Absolutely those children need to be identified, however, what can be frustrating is missing the students they do not ask me to observe, or the ones, I feel, are often overlooked.  Our Language kids.  Why do our classroom teachers, whose classes are often rich in language miss these students? I believe it is because they do not understand what it is we do sometimes, and often they do not realize the development of language or the difference between speech versus language.

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