May is Mental Health Awareness Month

What is the main thing I do when I encounter a person who might feel depressed today? How about when they are joyful? What do I do when I feel like all my tasks are starting to pile up? Isn’t the thing that we rely on first our mental capacity? According to Google, mental capacity is “the ability to understand information and make decisions about your life”. This is absolutely essential because life in general is made up of decision making.  

There are ways to make our mental capacity reliable as it needs rest and relaxation  and it is being aware of our mental health. Let’s take a look at the acronym R.E.S.T. and see what being aware of our mental health can do for us:


R for Read your favorite book 

E for eating your healthy brain food 

S for sleeping early 

T for taking time to reflect on how your day was 


These are just some suggestions to be aware that our mental capacity needs to be healthy, and it couldn’t be as reliable as it should be without these tools. Take care and love your brains! 


Author: Janine Paula A Laraya, B.S.

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