What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About Classroom Integration for Kids with ASD

Autism spectrum disorder or ASD, presents a unique challenge for children when it comes to school. A child may be curious and intelligent, but ASD can still make it more difficult for that child to thrive in the classroom environment. Fortunately, there are effective strategies that adults can use to make it easier for children with ASD to have a positive school experience.

Give the child a schedule. A visual schedule has been shown to have clear benefits for children who have ASD. A visual schedule that a child can take to school provides a guide to everything that will happen during the day, presented in a reassuringly orderly sequence that helps to reduce any stress the child may be feeling. This allows children to initiate each activity on their own, which fosters greater independence.

Make sure the rules are clear. It’s important to take the time to ensure that the child understands the rules of the classroom, and that feedback for rule-following and rule-breaking are consistent Have a plan for what behaviors will be reinforced, and who will deliver the reinforcement. 

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