The Stepping Stones Group Named on Glassdoor's Top Staffing Firms You Should Know List!

The Stepping Stones Group recently make the Glassdoor list of the Top Staffing Firms to know. The companies chosen for the list scored a 3.2 or higher by Glassdoor reviewers and earned top marks from contractors for being responsive, creating work-life balance, offer remote work opportunities, and so much more.

"We have a great company and will to continue to operate with the highest levels of customer service to stand out while living out our mission to positively impact the lives of the children and the communities we serve" , responded Anthony Rintala, COO.


See our rating from the article below! 


Company Rating: 4.0


What They Do: “The Stepping Stones Group, LLC (SSG) is the leading provider of therapeutic and behavioral health services to children in the K-12 setting. Our family of healthcare companies includes Cumberland Therapy Services, MyTherapyCompany, AlphaVista, Staffing Options & Solutions, Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services, Speech Rehab Services, and StaffRehab. We employ over 2,100 special educators and clinicians nationwide.” 


What Employees Say: “Everybody is super nice and supportive. They listen, and give lots of positive feedback.” — Current Contractor 

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