Best Toys To Get Your Toddler Talking

In this blog post, you will find a list of toys that are recommended for parents, family members, or clinicians who want to provide the utmost opportunities for speech and language practice for their toddler.

These toys spark creativity with children because they allow them to make their own decisions and interactions. These toys provide multiple communication building and learning opportunities. When playing with these toys, you should encourage your child to make requests by asking, “Do you want ____ or ____?” This will lead them to make protests, ask questions, make comments and respond to questions. In addition, before or during play, think about what words you want your child to be able to say and what words they would like to learn to say. This may consist of the names of family members or teachers, favorite foods, action words, and ordinary nouns. If your child is speech and language delayed, I recommend that you choose up to five vocabulary words per activity and use repetition as much as possible. This will lead to confidence building success while allowing them to learn the words they’re hearing over and over again.


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 Mr. Potato Head // Age 2 yrs.+

I love this toy SO much. It is very versatile. You can use it to teach body parts and also label front, back, top, bottom.

 Play-dough // Age 2 yrs.+

I know play-dough can be messy, but if you can keep it contained in one place on a mat, it is wonderful for experimentation and vocabulary building. Children can use their creativity to learn colors, shapes and sizes of objects. You can use play-dough to teach verbs like roll, cut, bounce, rip, smash, etc.

 Cutting Fruit Set // Age 2-3 yrs.+

This is a lovely, hands-on toy from Melissa & Doug. It not only is great to address fine-motor skills but is wonderful to teach fruits, colors, shapes, and action words.

Baking Cookies Set // Age 2-3 yrs.+

Let me tell you… this is so much fun for kids, and adults! Great pretend play activity. You can teach your child about turn-taking and sequencing events.

Fishing Set // Age 2-3 yrs.+

Who doesn’t love fishing? This is a very engaging activity that’s great for expanding vocabulary.

 Zingo // Age 3 yrs.+

I use this ALL THE TIME. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. This is a bingo game with all sorts of nouns with corresponding pictures and words. I often use the bingo chips to help my little ones put words together to form phrases or even long, detailed sentences. I use this with school-aged children, as well!

Barn with Farm Animals // Age 3 yrs.+

Great for teaching animals and their corresponding sounds! Teach prepositions by telling your child to put the animals in different locations around the barn (i.e. in, on top of, next to, under).

Puzzles // Age 3 yrs.+

I love these puzzles for toddlers because they are very hands-on… kids go crazy for them! These puzzles are great for teaching commonly used words like open/ close. They also build dexterity and accomplishment when the puzzle piece fits!

 Pop- Up Pirate & Pop The Pig // Age 4 yrs.+

I can’t get enough of these games. In the speech world, they are known as “cause-and-effect” games. You insert swords until the pirate pops out of the top or you feed the pig until it bursts. These are fun for all ages and you can keep a child’s attention for a long amount of time.


Thanks for reading. The above ages are recommended by each manufacturer. I hope you’re able to find something to add to your child’s toy box… or, maybe your grandchild’s!


Author: Paige Woolman, M.S., CCC-CLP

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